A Quiet Time Of Contemplation
Words of Wisdom
& Meditation

Please join me in Quiet Time, a time where we can close the door and spend just a few moments for ourselves. I will share words of wisdom from my Guides, upload videos and share meditations with you.

Please join me.


Pause ~ Relax  ~ Reflect

A message from my Guide, Eagle Feather, through trance. *


Especially in these times of uncertainty through Covid 19 my guide came through in April 2020 to share his message with you.

At the beginning of the video there is a brief moment of music (Medwyn Goodall) before Eagle Feather begins.

"...I tell you that this (Pandemic) is just a pause, that the bridge between the two banks of the river maybe temporarily closed, halting you in your dreams and aspirations, but it is only temporarily closed..."

*Trance - an altered state of consciousness of where the medium is the recipient and a channel for spirit.

Meditation - Coastal Path


Please find a quiet place and join me on a journey following the Coastal Path down to the Cove, a quiet place sitting on a rock as the sea gently meets the shoreline. A little 'me time' that we all need from time to time. 


Music played within the meditation ~ Medwyn Goodall

Meditation - Healing Mountain


Sit safely upon the mountain, enjoy the views and benefit from the beautiful energies that nature offers. Find calmness, peace and healing as we go on a journey accompanied by spirit. 

Music played within the meditation - https://YouTube/watch?v=XEfDYMngJeE

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