A Quiet Time Of Contemplation
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Words of Wisdom
& Meditation

Please join me in Quiet Time, a time where we can close the door and spend just a few moments for ourselves. I will share words of wisdom from my Guides, upload videos and share meditations with you.

Please join me.


Pause ~ Relax  ~ Reflect

Meditation - The Waterfall


Tuning into the wonderful frequency of Mother Earth where nature helps within the balance of life.  

Collection of Poetry

Just a small collection of poetry that l have written over the years guided always by my guides. I hope within their verse you will find meaning, comfort and hope.

Meditation - Garden and Monastery

Join together with your loved one/guide on a peaceful journey through the beauty of the courtyard full of colour, scents and wildlife. Walk with them to the monastery and enjoy the tranquillity as you sit together, listening to the soothing music that restores your soul. Light a candle in memory of those you love and find peace within this meditation that draws us again closer to spirit. 

Music ~ https://youtu.be/EjFRulacSCs

Meditation - Healing Mountain


Sit safely upon the mountain, enjoy the views and benefit from the beautiful energies that nature offers. Find calmness, peace and healing as we go on a journey accompanied by spirit. 

Music played within the meditation - https://YouTube/watch?v=XEfDYMngJeE

Meditation - Coastal Path


Please find a quiet place and join me on a journey following the Coastal Path down to the Cove, a quiet place sitting on a rock as the sea gently meets the shoreline. A little 'me time' that we all need from time to time. 


Music played within the meditation ~ Medwyn Goodall

A message from my Guide, Eagle Feather, through trance. *


Especially in these times of uncertainty through Covid 19 my guide came through in April 2020 to share his message with you.

At the beginning of the video there is a brief moment of music (Medwyn Goodall) before Eagle Feather begins.

"...I tell you that this (Pandemic) is just a pause, that the bridge between the two banks of the river maybe temporarily closed, halting you in your dreams and aspirations, but it is only temporarily closed..."

*Trance - an altered state of consciousness of where the medium is the recipient and a channel for spirit.