Personal One to One Readings Via Messenger/Skype/WhatsApp



"Heidi, bless you, can’t thank you enough for the exceptional reading and advice from the realm of spirit"  ~  Kathleen, Coventry


"there is nothing false with this woman, and whether you get a message or not, her evenings are always fascinating and fun. Her messages are genuinely delivered with love and you will be amazed at how spot on she is...."  ~  member of the audience, Magic Alley, Stratford 2020




I wonder how you were led to this website, perhaps from a friend, a search, an interest, or perhaps you fell upon it and something piqued your interest to look further; whatever the reason, you have been led to this website, have you not?


Are there really coincidences within our life? Or are we guided to people, to strangers, to places and even to websites, the list goes on, for a reason, for an answer maybe, a direction that is needed at that time within our life?

I believe so. I believe in God-incidences rather than coincidences. I believe our friends in spirit can and do orchestrate these moments that can ultimately help us within periods of our life. Whether this is as simple as a validation of some kind that we seek from our loved one who has passed; maybe as simple as a feather, a robin, or a random coin that we find in the most unusual of places can be a sign from spirit and can give us the validation we need. A direction that we seek, maybe of a personal nature, or professionally, can be answered by spirit by chance meetings and a conversation shared. This can sway our thoughts, changing the dynamics of our thought process and we see a problem in a different light and, maybe, through this, an answer.  A random leaflet that is posted to us or one we find, can direct us to maybe a course that we have thought about for a while. There are so many different scenario’s we could say and relate to; in some ways some scenario's defies logic, and we have no answers but accept divine intervention. To me, these are signposts from spirit.

So, it is with me and my gift as a medium. l cannot definitively say when my gift began, only that l know spirit have always been with me and guided me accordingly.

There are many reasons why you may have been guided to me; the pain we feel through grief after someone has passed to spirit is enormous, it is comforting to know that the memories, the love lives on through death. As a medium we are privileged and blessed to have a gift of where we can communicate to loved ones who have passed. Though with each sitting there is no guarantee that the loved one you want to come through will come through but usually there is validation from others within the family who validates eternal life. For myself it is an honour to link a sitter (one who seeks the message) with their loved ones in spirit; it is a very beautiful, healing experience and validates eternal life.

Spirit, the discarnate, where our physical body is removed and our spiritual being takes the journey beyond this life, never dies. The love and connection we have had in the physical life, continues. The consciousness survives in another dimension, enabling us to connect and with this, communicate.

Other reasons for being guided here may solely be out of interest in the work that we do; whatever the reason, if the signposts from spirit have led you here and l can help, please get in touch, for if l can help in some small way, then l am content….

I thank the many wonderful people who have crossed my pathway, l thank spirit for always amazing me with their work and the guidance they continually give and with this, a gift, that helps others believe that life lives on and we're never alone.


It is joining of hearts that validates eternal life.

I look forward to perhaps meeting you along this incredible journey with spirit as our guide.

Sending love, light and warm blessings to you.